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AIDS Project Los Angeles


From the beginning, the number of clients served by APLA grew at a staggering rate. In early 1983, there were five clients. At the end of 1983, there were 100, and by the middle of 1984 there were 200.

APLA's first client service began when early volunteers visited patients at their hospital beds. Support groups were also organized to help people with AIDS and their loved ones. When a professional social worker joined the small APLA staff in late 1983, Client Services became fully established.

APLA created new programs during the ensuing years to meet the growing needs of people with AIDS. A program to address housing needs, begun in 1984, has since become a comprehensive Residential Services Program. In March 1985, the APLA Dental Clinic was founded to treat people with AIDS who were denied services by other dentists.

Other groundbreaking programs have included medical transportation, home health care, and counseling on mental health, legal, insurance and public benefits issues. These were later joined by case management, substance abuse counseling, and treatment education.


Contact Information:

611 South Kingsley Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Populations served:

Transgender men, Transgender women, Youth, People of color

Services offered:

Mental health services, , Primary health care, HIV counseling and testing, Prevention with positives, Legal services, Support groups, , HIV counseling and testing, HIV care and treatment, Cultural competency education and training


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